Computer Lab Technician

The Computer Lab Instructor at Beacon School provides each client (both residential and day students) with an appropriate educational programming that is planned with the student’s respective Day Teacher-Counselor. The Computer Lab Instructor
will assess each student’s individual educational needs in collaboration with other educational staff & determine how those needs will best be served by the computer lab. The Computer Lab Instructor is assigned during the academic school year and the summer day camp program but also works in the residences as needed.


  • Education: Bachelor in Computer Science preferred; minimum requirement of high school diploma with at least two years experience in computers/computer programming or certification in computers/computer programming.
  • Must be trained and qualified to negotiate the agency’s computer courseware as well as other computer programs.
  • The Computer Lab Instructor must have the physical health and capacity to have regular job attendance, to teach actively, to be involved in physical activities with children, and (when necessary) to physically manage aggressive or selfinjurious behavior.
  • Successfully complete TCI training and update every six months.
  • Successfully complete CPR (update annually) and First Aid training (update every three years).
  • Must be able to collaborate with Day Teacher-Counselors.
  • Must be a positive Beacon School Team member.
  • The Computer Lab Instructor position involves a risk of exposure to communicable diseases; therefore, the employee must be familiar with/and practice Universal Health Precautions.
  • Must subscribe to the agency’s Mission Statement and Organizational Values.
  • Must demonstrate an awareness of and sensitivity to the various cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of the students.


  • Serve as primary person teaching/re-teaching academics on the computer & demonstrate understanding & ability to explain various computer programs while also ensuring appropriate supervision of the youth while in the computer lab.
  • Serve as primary person in the computer lab to teach/re-teach behavioral skills to assigned students.
  • Prepare and turn in weekly group individual lesson plans/schedules to the Program Supervisor.
  • Prepare and submit to Program Supervisor and/or others:

              a. Individual Computer Lessons/Plans
              b. Individual goals
              c. Individual Assessments/Reports generated by the computer
              d. Report Cards (in collaboration with Day TeacherCounselors)
              e. Monthly Progress Reports
              f. Discharge Reports/Final grades/credits regarding credit
                 recovery & computer courses.

  • Communicate accurate, objective behavioral and academic observations on clients with classroom staff and RTI Team.
  • Coordinate RTI Team meetings every 60 days
  • Adhere to Emergency and Safety Procedures, and to guidelines related to cleanliness/upkeep/and inventory of facility and equipment.
  • Encourage and facilitate on-going involvement of parents and contracted agencies.
  • Maintain on-going communication with other agency staff.
  • Participate in treatment team/IEP/evaluation/and problem solving meetings regarding clients as directed by Program Supervisor.
  • Adhere to agency and Beacon School policies and procedures.
  • Assure the operation of the education program in compliance with the Tennessee Department of Education Guidelines.
  • Assure that the computer lab classroom activities promote an awareness of and sensitivity to the cultural backgrounds and needs of the students.
  • Provide appropriate behavioral intervention and reinforcement per agency guidelines.
  • Communicate effectively with Holston Home’s IT company as well as with other agency staff (ex. Edementum/PLATO) regarding needs and/or updates of Beacon School’s computer lab & computer programs.
  • Maintain computer lab & Title I inventory. Coordinate inventory efforts with Beacon School Office Manager and Program Supervisor.
  • Communicate Title I needs with Beacon School Director.
  • Effectively coordinate & communicate with Edmentum/PLATO personnel & liaison with them and Holston Home’s IT company.


  • Encourage students to display appropriate manners (table, salutations, etc.) and responsible age-appropriate behavior.
  • Assist in lunchroom supervisor of students as needed.
  • Maintain orderly, clean, age-appropriate classroom environment.
  • Incorporate group process techniques into behavior modification program.
  • Maintain accuracy in student files and record keeping.
  • Assist with ensuring that prescription and non-prescription medications are administered accurately.
  • Assist students in positive transitions to and from classroom settings as well as various locations on campus.
  • Effectively coordinate & communicate with Holston Home’s IT company regarding computer lab needs, questions, and liaison between MIS & Nova NET personnel.
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned.


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