A Word from the President

Dear Friend,

Each day I see our youth experience something new or hear how a child has had a real breakthrough in some area of his or her life, I feel such incredible gratitude for friends like you who support our efforts. There is a sense of disappointment for me that you are not able to see God’s handiwork firsthand, as He takes your prayers and gifts to transform young lives. I realize that God is always at work and not just in the lives of the youth we care for today but in the generational impact of children served over these last 122 years.

This reality was so well stated by a lady who recently sent us a letter about her grandmother. Here is part of her letter:

“My grandmother spent part of her childhood at your home for children. Although she does not speak of her past very much, she speaks highly of the opportunity that was afforded to her while in your care. Most important was the foundation of faith instilled in her. She celebrated her 90th birthday this April, and she is still a shining beacon of faith, a matriarch of a large and good family (66 members). She is confident yet humble, wise, modest and strong, particularly in faith.

Without the foundation Holston Home gave her, none of us would be who we are. We are a group strong in faith; we are ministers, musicians, artists, writers, professors, advocates, athletes, bankers, veterans and nurses. We work in medical, legal and professional settings. Some have served overseas, some serve here at home. Like my grandmother, I too am grateful she was fortunate to live at Holston Home because it gave me the gift of my father and the role model of the kind of woman I want to be.”

I hope you are beaming with pride to think that we are part of a ministry that has been loving and teaching children “in the ways they should go” for so many years. I am thankful for God’s timeless and enduring love, and how He has used Holston Home and amazing people like you to be His vehicle to share hope and healing. I wish I could forward this letter to everyone who served this little girl many years ago, but I suspect the Lord will have to do that for me. However, the next best thing is to share it with the people who are making a difference for tomorrow’s grandmothers and great-grandfathers — each of you. Could there be a better honor for us than having a legacy of lives still improving because we understood the importance of this ministry and were fully committed to it?

I pray that you experience the joy and fulfillment of How God is using you now and throughout the generations ahead. Thank you for the difference you are making and thank you for what it will mean to children long after we’re gone. May God bless you and your families!

In Christ,