A Word from the President

Dear Friends,

We want the very best things for every young person and their families at Holston Home.  Even though we may not know what’s best in every situation, for more than 120 years we have been sure of one thing – our Heavenly Father does and He is ready to heal and deliver.  The Lord is blessing this approach, and kids are meeting Him and forming a relationship with the One who will never leave or forsake them.

We encourage a real and everyday relationship with Jesus where we spend time with Him sharing life and all of its ups and downs through prayer.  We created a prayer room in our school for our youth to use when they want to talk with a Friend who is closer than a brother, even if it’s in the middle of an Algebra test so long as the conversation doesn’t include a calculator or cheat sheets lol. 

Oftentimes, they will write their prayers down so that their friends can know what to pray for them when they go and pray.  You are their friends too, and I wanted to share some of the recent prayers that they have hung on the walls:

Dear God, I’m weak not from drugs, family, love, or friends. I’m weak because the devil keeps pushing me down. I’m not the type to pray because I was mad at You for things, but You make me stronger.  When I lost my dad I blamed You, but now I’m with You forever because You are with me forever even when I’m mad at You. Thank you God.

Dear Lord, thank You for helping me through everything and showing me that I have potential and greatness. Thank You for keeping my family safe. Thank You for not giving up on me. I love you Father.

Lift me up Lord I am tired of fighting this war. I want to be blessed and call out to You. I know You will help me through the bumpy road. You are my savior Lord.  You are the healer.

Dear God, I want to thank You for this day. I want to pray for all these amazing kids.  I want to pray that my mom is doing okay Lord.  I want to pray for my brother that he is doing okay.  Lord, just help me through this.  Keep me in the right direction Lord.  I want to thank You for all You have done.  I need You to help me with my anger Lord; keep it in control.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen. GOD IS GOOD!

“Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close” Psalm 27:10.  I pray to understand this.

Forgive me for pushing you away, like I do everyone else. Thank You for staying through it.

Their words hurt me as I wish they didn’t have these issues to deal with, but I am immediately joyful because they are having beautiful conversations with the God who loves them indescribably and who can bring healing and restoration. You are incredibly important to this ministry and in helping change young lives.  As kids are sorting out so many hard things in their lives and the great opportunities ahead of them, I want to ask you to pray earnestly for them and their families as you read this newsletter and as you pray for your family this year.

Thank you for your commitment to changing children’s lives. I pray God’s very best for each of you and your families in the name of the One who is always good and always uses things for our good, Jesus Christ.


Bradley S. Williams